As long as you meet the legal requirements, you are welcome to marry at St Mary’s Church, Easebourne. So whatever your beliefs, whether or not you are Christened and regardless of whether you go to church or not – it’s your church, and we welcome you!

As far as the legal side goes, to marry in St Mary’s you must either attend the church on a regular basis, live in the parish or have a qualifying connection to the church (i.e. you or your parents have lived or do live in the parish) If you are divorced then marriage is still possible, but in these circumstances you will need to speak personally to Derek for details.

Once you have spoken to Derek and agreed that your marriage can take place and arranged a date, then lots of other details will need to be decided; this is a wonderful opportunity to personalize your day, once again speaking to Derek about music, flowers, readings and bells and choirs will bring your special occasion to life.

In 2017 a wedding at St Mary’s cost in the region of £700 all in. Costs can be reduced by taking out the bells or choir, but once again when speaking to Derek he can go through these details.