Vicars Letter


Dear Friends

As we approach the summer I need to let you know about some important events in our benefice:

In July we celebrate two of our patronal festivals.  These services are held yearly and commemorate the patron saints of our churches.  St Peter is celebrated on 29th June each year and the closest Sunday to this will be the 1st July; therefore our evensong on that Sunday in Lodsworth will be our patronal celebration – please come along to help the community of St Peter’s to give thanks for the church in Lodsworth and it place in the wider community.  At the end of July we will gather as St James’s church in Selham for their patronal service, also with evensong at 6.00pm.  Like St Peter’s, the church of St James sits right at the heart of village life – please come and join us.  Both Peter and James remind us of those who have been called by God and served the Gospel story in their lives.  Our church communities set their lives to serve – both these patronal services recognise the call to be God’s people, empowered by love, emboldened by the Spirit and fill with grace and peace.

Next on Sunday 29th July at 11.00am in the morning, we have our annual open air service in Lodsworth, in the field behind the church.  For those who have been before, you will remember a wonderful service in a beautiful location; a place to celebrate the life we share here in our parish, and a place to celebrate the beauty of creation.  All three of our churches come together and we sing, pray and receive communion together.  This year we will use a Celtic Communion Service; a liturgy designed to draw us closer to God through creation.  As with last year, we invite people to bring their pets, which I will bless as part of our morning worship.  So if you haven’t been before, please do come along and share with us – there will be coffee after the service and a warm welcome from our friendly St Peter’s family.  The service begins at 11.00am.

The following month in August we invite folks to join the community of St Mary’s Easebourne as we celebrate our Patronal weekend with a summer fete and morning communion service.  The fete is situated around our ancient church building and will operate as an open afternoon as well.  You will see elsewhere in this magazine details of all that will happen that Saturday afternoon.  Can I also invite our friends in the village to join us on Sunday morning as we gather for our patronal festival; there will be joyful hymns of celebration, and a chance to give thanks for a building and community that serves the village through the many changing seasons of life.

So lots to look forward to, lots to give thanks for – we look forward to welcoming you.

Derek Welsman

From the registers:

Baptism: Henry James Wills – Constance Dorothy Chapman – Reece Peter Clifford Arundale – Reuben Andrew John Arundale – Jamie Peter John McLindon – Isabel Amelia Anne Thornton-Bryer.

Funerals: Jill Thorpe – Phyllis Holden – Ronald Barber – Elsa Landers.

Weddings: Thomas Braggins and Holly Hawker – Robert Allen and Hannah Kenny – Joshua Coles and Bethany Curwood.